Success Is Not a State

In this episode of the Influential U Podcast, we're thrilled to have Jade Baranski and Jerry Ramey, the dynamic Co-Founders of Mobilize, join us to unravel the secrets of scaling while learning how to scale a business at the same time.

Mobilize utilizes the power of data and Artificial Intelligence to transform creativity into tangible results. At its core, Mobilize champions the idea that well-informed decisions are rooted in data-driven insights. By constructing software based on the bedrock of centralized, harmonious data structures, they empower organizations with a singular source of truth.

In this episode, Jade and Jerry share their inspiring journey through the realms of entrepreneurship and how they’ve integrated what they’ve learned from Influential U programs into their lives and business. They've been able to achieve some incredible results on a short timeline and have some incredible insights to share.

Whether you're a budding entrepreneur, a seasoned business professional, or simply curious about scaling, this episode promises not to disappoint. Tune in Wednesday at 2pm pacific for the live stream on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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