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    Advanced Business Education


Fundamentals of Transaction

Our private membership curriculum begins with an education, methodology, and structure for producing exceptional results


Mechanics + Practice

This year-long practicum, which includes and requires both the Annual and Mid-Year Conferences, is designed to confront any naïveté in each Condition of Transaction™. It organizes the accurate thinking required to build, improve, or work on the satisfaction of any Condition of Life™.


Planning, Strategy, Tactics, and Implementation

Known by IU students as MAP2 our Mastery Program the first designed to guide you through the study of the Conditions of Life™ in their totality. The challenging and deliberate work of studying the philosophical foundations of each of the Conditions of Life and how we can satisfy our greatest ambitions.


A Heritage Initiative for Graduates

Held in our highest regard and admiration, Esteemed Alumni are those who have completed a four-year Influential U study in transactional competence. Led in fellowship with co-founders Kirkland Tibbels and John Patterson, this initiative includes a wide range of strategies to advance and expand the application of transactional competence.