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    Transactional Competenceā„¢ Across Teams
    Small Business Enterprise
    Certified LGBT Business Enterprise

Hi Marley, Inc.

  • Date(s): 2020
  • Value: $23,950
  • Details: Transactional Competence™ Across Teams (TCX) training for executive team – developing the company culture framework.


Western Digital

  • Date(s): 2019
  • Value: $74,500
  • Details: Transactional Competence™ Across Teams (TCX) training for Agile senior team – reducing product development time and time to launch.


UVA School of Medicine

  • Date(s): 2016-2018
  • Value: $47,450
  • Details: Customized Fundamentals of Transaction program to enhance team workflow, cohesion, and efficiency.


Replicable Results

We’ve taught thousands of ambitious business professionals how to construct the exchanges that accelerate their influence and results. Active in 12 countries, our reach includes webinar viewers and podcast subscribers worldwide.


Transactional Primer

Transactionalism is the philosophy that grounds Transactional Competence™, both a professional development skill and an organizational framework. To transact is to engage in a relational process; to become new—together.


Demographic Data

People join us for what we teach, they stay to win together. As we teach it, the most ambitious know they can’t do it alone. In fact, the truly wise rely on other people to get good help, and share a wealth of knowledge, resources, and talents.