Transactional Primer | Influential U | Advanced Business Education

    A Primer

    The Transactional Approach


Redefine Interaction

You are always transacting. Learn how to see every human interaction as a series of exchanges you can influence.


Develop Accurate Thinking

When you can think accurately about your aims and how to get them satisfied, you can cut through all the bullshit.


Acquire New Strategies

Find new strategies for being highly influential, laboring far less, and producing more income and satisfaction.


Build Surplus

If you build a surplus of valued help, then you can’t get taken down by market downturns (or pandemics).


Produce Whole-Life Balance

Produce life-changing journeys from ones of isolated, non-reproducible success to ones of holistic, whole-life satisfaction.


Enjoy Deep Satisfaction

Enjoy the ability to take clear action that unlocks a whole-life satisfaction that has otherwise proven to be elusive.