This episode, we welcome Ron Sprengler and Josh Damigo to our Legends on Legends Series.

Ron Sperengler is the co-founder and operations manager at Contigo Ventures and is no stranger to the Influential U Podcast. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated his experience as a results-oriented manager of large projects in critical industries. He now applies his high-level skills to the development and construction industry. Along with his partner, Karina Christensen, he is building a boutique oceanfront community and properties in the spectacular pacific coast of Baja California Sur.

Josh Damigo is the Podcast Host, a Program Faculty Member, and Client Manager for Influential U- the leading business education in Transactional Competence and Professional Influence. From owning and helping small businesses, to developing into a corporate leader, Josh has worn multiple hats throughout his career as He is also an accomplished speaker, instructor, and a sought-after Master of Ceremonies throughout Ventura County. He’s an accomplished Singer/Songwriter and has shared the stage with acts like Jason Mraz, Zac Brown, and The Jonas Brothers.

We are continuing our “Legends on Legends'' series. At Influential U, we have a group that is held in our highest regard and admiration- this group is our Esteemed Alumni. Esteemed Alumni are those who have completed our four-year curriculum in transactional competence. The most ambitious of our Esteemed Alumni, our green berrets, if you will… study in a program known as Legends. Our Legends are often top performers in their fields and have experienced a level of satisfaction that only comes from years of deliberate practice and study. This program is led in fellowship with co-founders Kirkland Tibbels and John Patterson and this initiative includes a wide range of strategies to advance and expand their own application of Transactional Competence and pave the path in the study of Transactional Leadership.

Over the course of the next few months, we’ll have special episodes of the Influential U Podcast. I’ll be introducing our two guests and then getting out of the way so that you may experience the expertise and communication between two of our participants. If you listen closely, I believe that you’ll hear a level of Transactional Leadership that is quite novel in day to day conversation.