• Esteemed Alumni


    A Heritage Initiative for Legendary Graduates


Something that exhibits longevity, track record, long-held core values; e.g. a heritage brand is an entity that’s been around for years - and finds a way to tap into their history in order to procure a more valued identity.


An act or strategy intended to resolve a difficulty — or improve a situation; a fresh approach to something, as in "a new initiative for your next chapter of life."

Key features include...

  • Explore the content and application from their previous four-year study
  • Study Advanced Personality and Transactional Behavior™
  • Post-graduate applied development towards a specific field, research, issue, or endeavor.
  • Identity and leadership: Publish quarterly articles, presentations, or talks
  • Identity and leadership: Participate in Alumni on Alumni video podcast interviews about your published article, presentation, or talk (vis-à-vis Actors on Actors)
  • Develop distinctions and practices in transactional leadership
  • Explore and articulate aims for the Transactional Conditions of Life