Life-Long Learning

This episode we’ll dive into Stage Three, Known, in the Five Stages of Professional Influence. When you've reached this stage you may have gained some traction in your professional life and are feeling pretty good about your career trajectory and earning potential, however you know that you have not maxed out your potential.

Complacency and comfort are the enemy of folks in this stage as they've had some success and oftentimes think they know it all. Don't let that be you. People who've elevated beyond this stage are aware of the fact that life-long learning is essential to maximizing your potential. Oftentimes it's not about what you know, but more importantly what you don't know. And that's where Influential U comes into play. Are you ready to level up?

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If you are seeking more autonomy, authority, a bigger paycheck, or respect, this is a problem that you need to work on, today.

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Now, let’s get down to business!

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